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Explore Torontech's range of advanced plastic recycling equipment that can be used to perform numerous tasks including waste plastic regrinding, washing and re-palletizing. Our products are designed to comply with international standards and our efficient supplier network enables us to offer fast delivery and the most competitive pricing.

Plastic Recycling Catalog



Torontech's TT-ACS-H and TT-ACSS-H series compacting and pelletizing system combines the function of crushing, compacting, plasticization and…


The Waste Recycling Crusher is available in a variety of rotors and hoppers, and is used throughout the plastics industry to recycle a wide range of…


The plastic shredder machines are designed to meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries. The input materials can be various kinds…


For the plastics recycling industry, Torontech can offer a series of well-developed Plastic Recycling Washing Lines for the efficiency of all kinds…


The TT-ASE series single screw extrusion and the pelletizing system is a specialized and reliable system, suitable to the recycling and re-…


As one of the professional twin-screw extrusion manufacturers, Torontech always strives to offer products that are par excellence.


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