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The TT-ASE series single screw extrusion and the pelletizing system is a specialized and reliable system, suitable to the recycling and re-pelletizing job of rigid plastic scrap. It combines the function of plasticization and pelletizing to one step and is ideal for crushed regrinds or flakes of PE/PP/ABS/PS/HIPS/PC etc.

Final productions produced by ASE single screw extrusion line are in the form of pellets/ granules, can directly put into the production line for film blowing, pipe extrusion cand plastics injection, etc.

single screw

Single screw extruder

Lumps or thick flakes after crushed, conveyed into the single screw extruder by screw loader, then, compress,, plasticize in the extruder and removed volatiles and moisture by vacuum system, after filtering through the filtration system, to pelletize into granules. Depending on the different screw diameters of single screw, the typical capacity can cover from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h.

Two-stage single screw extruder

Two-stage single screw extruder

The application of two-stage granulation system in the work of recycling: It is composed of two sets of single screw extruders to recycle heavy dirty raw materials or greater output.

Features of Two-Stage Re-Pelletizing System

Features of Two-Stage Re-Pelletizing System

1. Segmented filtering principle, fore filtering in the first extruder, and fine filtering in the second extruder, to reduce the frequency of filtering sieves changing.

2. Thanks to separated filtering system in two-stage extruder, system can realize steady extrusion job.

Features of Two-Stage Re-Pelletizing System-1

Has one more volatilization between first and second extruder.

Second stage’s extruder can present low temperature extrusion, which can guarantee the final production’s quality.

Plastic performance keeping

Plastic performance keeping

Thanks to precise temperature controlling and optimized plasticization design, ASE-Pro system ensure the reliable quality output of plastic granules.

appropriate process for the need for better melt filtration and higher production


This is the most appropriate process for the need for better melt filtration and higher production. In the first stage, two or more single screw extruders can be designed for the two-stage pelletizing production line, and then they can enter the second-stage extruder at the same time.

 three kinds of granulation methods

Granulation Methods

According to the quantity and type of materials, the production line can be equipped with three kinds of granulation methods: water circumferential cutting, water-cooled stretching, automatic stretching or underwater granulation.

Single screw extruder

Machinery size Data of single screw extruder Throughput rate (kg/h)
Diameter of screw (mm) L/D
TT-ASE80 80 32 120-160
TT-ASE100 100 32 260-350
TT-ASE120 120 32 330-420
TT-ASE150 150 32 450-560
TT-ASE180 180 32 650-800
TT-ASE200 200 32 800-1000

Two-stage single screw extruder

Machinery size Diameter of screw(mm) L/D Throughput rate (kg/h)
TT-ADS100/120 ASE100 100 28 260-350
ASE120 120 10
TT-ADS120/150 ASE120 120 28 330-420
ASE150 150 10
TT-ADS150/180 ASE150 150 28 450-560
ASE180 180 10
TT-ADS180/200 ASE180 180 28 650-800
ASE200 200 10
TT-ADS200/220 ASE200 200 28 800-1000
ASE220 220 10

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